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Nurturing students to become an academically excellent, professionally skilled spritually sound, ethically upright, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and culturally Indian citizens. Creating a stimulating child-centered environment enriched. Our mission is to build a well and self depended generation for the Universe.
Academically Focused:-
Our school’s mission is academically focused, as after all that is the primary function of the school environment. We would like to build our poles strong from the initially stage. We specially focus on our primary section. 'Coz these are the foundation of our next coming sections.
Sports & Activities:-
We have a lot of facilities related to indoor and outdoor games. We provide the best skills to the kids in indoors such as; Chess, Ping -Pong and so on. Here we offer outdoors also such as; cricket, Basketball, Kabaddi, Badminton, and so on. Our first mission is to commence Cricket Academy in our school. This is our prime missio. We are sure , it will be commenced shortly.We clearly make the statement to the comers for the future of their kids. Everything is displayed clearly.
World class and Smart/ Digital Classrooms:-
Besides being sports our mission is to create and make advanced teachers who can create the classrooms in effective manners. These are our primary driving forces for teachers when they are planning and implementing lessons. This is something that can take some acclimation for teachers, who are might be reticent to change their focus when planning lessons. We would like to create the classrooms in a very attractive manner and in view. Nearly every school has a mission statement, and it can be a powerful tool that helps to codify and give direction to the enthusiasm, passion and expertise that educators bring to the classroom. Or it can be a jumble of letters that are posted on the wall of the office and left unnoticed. The choice is up to the leadership of the school environment. One thing that administrators must realize is that good goals, good mission statements that are well articulated and actively communicated, offer the possibility for radical change and success. Our mission is to achieve holistic Development for the kids as well as Teachers.
Discipline is a good thing. At Vision Point we have more than just disciplined people; we foster a culture of discipline. We do not micro-manage. We expect that every individual in this school be disciplined enough to do their job, consistently, and at the highest level. As Jim Collins writes in his book 'Good to Great': "When you have disciplined people, you don’t need hierarchy. When you have disciplined thought, you don’t need bureaucracy. When you have disciplined action, you don’t need controls"

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