LIFE AT EXCELLENCE ENGLISH ACADEMY We adopt holistic approach in the four sided development and growth of the children. The school deals with two streams i.e. Junior wing and Senior Wing. We emphasize the need to inculcate the Excellence addition to text book teaching.

The students get EDUCATION in school premises. The objective of our school is all sided development of students. They have ample chance to participate in sports activities. All possible efforts are made to make the stay of students very comfortable and convenient. Little buds are given full opportunity to bloom and grow. The school insists on trio relationship of Parent-Child and Teacher. As such parents become an integral part of our school activity. Parents play a crucial role in child’s development at this stage. Development of child’s mind and exposing it to thrilling new experiences is a three pronged effort involving parent child and teacher. It works best if we all pull in the same direction. We invite parents for the school events and periodic parent teacher interaction to evaluate the progress of the child. Children start learning from day one but pre-school learning plays a vital role in nurturing creativity in the child. Pre-school education paves the way for preparing the children to become global leaders of tomorrow. The school lays stress on blending studies with activities, and imparting holistic education to lay a solid foundation for future. Inculcating EEA is of paramount importance. Children are groomed from their very root which guarantees their future and ensures success in life. They are taught different skills in an interesting way. The school helps them develop logic and reasoning. Our school programme is so designed that it whets the appetite for learning and makes the learning process very interesting and entertaining for children. This fire of learning is kindled in children from early years. Efforts are made to bring out the imaginative and explorative creativeness in the children. Children are groomed in the environment which caters to their needs and help them develop naturally. For weak children remedial teaching/ extra classes are conducted in the school to bring them to a satisfactory level. Adding to this, the school provides an educational atmosphere for students to grow and develop.Day Boarders are at advantage to avail the opportunity of participating in different activities or the activities of their own choice like football, volleyball, kabbadi, badminton, chess, gymnastics, Dance, cricket, etc. Expert coaches are available to train them.


Apart from Junior Wing the school functions as a nice school. The children are taught by learned faculties and groomed for a better tomorrow. A set routine is followed for day school. Lastly the experts of personality development are invited in the school to train the children in various physical & mental activities. Excellence ENGLISH ACADEMY spares no effort in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of parents.

Here we provide following STREAMS-


EXCELLENCE ENGLISH ACADEMY is adequately equipped for best learning. Ambitious parents who seek a bright future for their children can confidently rely on the infrastructure built by the school.

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